So ABS & Shape

How to have a flat belly and a firm, healthy body?

The holistic So ABS & Shape program will help you find motivation and get amazing results! Permanent change without yo-yo effect! This plan will help you reach your goals!

ABS & cardio exercises

The most effective exercises in one program. Engaging all parts of the ABS and the whole body. No boring crunches that don’t work!

Eat delicious food!

Full menu: 4 meals a day, shopping list, printout on the fridge. 3 versions of the diet with different calories: 1500, 1700, 1900 kcal.

Enjoy the results!

Monthly planner, plan of vitamins and suplements for the flat belly, additional video: How to do correctly exercises for ABS to see results quickly?

See what So ABS & Shape looks like!

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Hey, it's Emi!

Personal trainer and diet therapist.

Take care of yourself with my holistic So ABS & Shape program and don’t put changes off any longer. I am giving you my comprehensive plan with everything inside: exercise, delicious food, hydration, ¬†appropriate regeneration, and lots of love and understanding. To work in your own time, without frustration, with real changes for longer. Not only for a while.

My challenges and training programs have helped change the daily habits of hundreds of people. Even those resistant #emigos who always start “Monday”. I support, motivate and send positive energy to the world. I know what it is like to have no time for anything. But I have a plan for it. Trust me! With “So ABS & Shape” you will succeed!

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