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It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, burn fat, tone your body or improve your condition. It doesn't matter if you are looking for flat belly exercises, want to try circuit or interval training - we have been working in the industry for years and we have extensive experience with "difficult cases".


The hours, days and types of training are tailored to you, so you won't miss training anymore. You will not be bored and time will pass quickly.


Our trainings are interesting, diverse, full of inspiring conversations and support.


You are looking for beginners’ yoga, Pilates or stretching exercises that relieve stress and eliminate back pain in different parts of the spine. You will learn how to safely practice yoga at home, what are the best exercises for spine and how to start, breathe, meditate or relax.


Trainer will inspire you, educate you and adapt the exercises to your needs, possibilities and limitations. Thanks to it, you will achieve results 2x faster.

Efficiency, lack of boredom and support are our business card.

We will understand your situation and adjust our methods to it. We`re inteligent, emphatetic people and we know, that training is only one of your life elements. And often not the most important one.

You`ll never be bored training with us, and reluts will appear faster than expected. Your trainer will motivate you and support you in the way you won`t find anyplace else. Become systematic and you`ll be surprised by the results. Your trainer will be your partner to reach your goals, your support during worse Times and he will always motivate you to train. Thanks to his dietary and training knowledge, he`ll preapare an optimal training program for you – regarding your individual needs and capabilities.

We will see your potential, listen to you, understand and motivate you!

Work at your own tempo, at a time convenient for you and without the frustration that you associate with the slogans:

training, fitness or exercise.

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Check out these 4 steps and start training online with us!


Buy and sign in for online personal training, choose a date and an hour and let us know if you like to use ZOOM, Skype or other platform.


Before your training fill your survey about your injuries, goals and accessories you can use and send it to us


Prepare yourself eariler. Put on comfortable outfit, prepare your gear and check if everything`s working. If you won`t be able to attend online personal training, make sure you let us know about it suitably earlier.


On chosen date / time connect with your trainer. Have fun and do your best.


We really love our work, and our Clients can see a real passion in it. We are excited by our Client’s progres and we`re enjoying their successes. In today`s world, full of anonymous relations, having this special bond is truly something special. Many of our Clients works with us for years. You can trust us. We simply love people and working with them. With our lifestyle, we`re pulling in positive, authentic and warm people. Our online studio is so special thanks to our Clients.

My trainers team is 100% reliable.

We can do impossible things together. We already have been trusted by hundreds of our Clients. Join our community and change your life!

Emilia Ostrowska

personal trainer, diet therapy specialist

Active lifestyle enthusiast, passionate with functional trainings helping to improve different motoric characteristics. Certified diet therapist and personal trainer. Holds great knowledge about nutrition, diet therapy and supplementation. Never stops to improve herself and gain new information, keeps her hand on the pulse, always willing to participate in trainings, seminars and conferences.
On daily basis – full of energy, motivating and caring for others, always searching for novelties trainer, with hudge knowledge how to optimally combine benefits of individual nutrition and training plan.

She has many years of experience in working 1:1 with her Clients as well as working with a groups. Her training challenges helped to change everyday habits of hundreds of people. She specializes in “tough cases”. She`s always driven by her protegees positive changes. Her calendars are always full. During her everyday practice, she combines body work and body stress and emotions release techniques. She always individually prepares work plan, considering physical and emotional needs of people she`s working with. She is super effective with diagnosing the problem and solving it. In her trainings, she combines many different techniques at the same time. She also specializes in Yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, breathing techniques and fascia exercises.

Working for many years in multi-national corporation learned her to optimize her working time and convinced her, that even in today`s fast-running world it is possible to find time for training and good nutrition habits. She learns her protegees how to take care of themselves in this crazy, overworked world. Sometimes simple solutions are fastest to implement and most effective ones. She shows, that even small changes matters.

Fitness instructor, passionate roller blader, always curious and seeking for new experiences. After work you`ll find her in the mountains, where she`s climbing and searching for unseen places and also on journeys planned by her heart.

For many years she was studying in best schools, practicing with best trainers, nutritionists and diet specialists to later use her knowledge to help others. Her experience and know-how allows her to help her protegees in smaller and bigger changes of their lives.

Selected seminars and conferences:

Training orientated:

  • Fitness Instructor course, Reebok University Poland
  • Personal Trainer course, Polska Akademia Sportu
  • Functional Training Workshop. Body Work
  • Functional & body mind workshop, Fitness University
  • Reebok Stretching. Reebok University
  • Reebok Spine. Reebok University
  • Reebok Pilates, Reebok University
  • Reebok Stretching, Reebok University
  • Active mother club – exercises for mothers
  • Reebok Cross Training, Reebok University
  • Reebok Cross Training. Methodical workshop. Reebok University
  • Reebok Core. Methodical workshop, Reebok University
  • Reebok Final Cuts. Functional Training, Reebok University
  • Reebok Body Ball, Reebok University
  • Reebok expander. Methodical workshop. Reebok University
  • Methodics in Functional Training, Reebok University
  • Reebok Kettlebell, Reebok University
  • Methodical workshop – Running, Reebok University
  • REP Reebok. Barbell methodical workshop, Reebok University
  • Reebok master step, Reebok University
  • Reebok Functional Training Tour, Reebok University
  • Fitness Convention Eu4ya, Tiguar
  • Reebok fitness convention, Reebok University
  • TMT instructor, Polish Fitness Academy
  • Reebok Body&Mind Tour, Reebok University
  • Power dumbell, IFAA
  • Anatomy, IFAA

Diet / nutrition related:

  • Dietetics and supplementation lvl. I, II, III, IV – Mauricz
  • Clinical dietetics in sport, Mauricz
  • Microflora and food intolerances – lvl. I, II, Vitaimmun
  • Diet therapy in practice – lvl. I, II, III, IV, San Diet
  • Paleo diet in theory and in practice – Barbell Kitchen and Fat Life
  • Diet therapy in civilisation diseases, Forum Media
  • Nutrition conference: Holistic human approach, Ajwen
  • Autoimmunology – autoaggresion diseases, Microekology Institute, Functional Medicine Club
  • Crucial med and nutrition references. Sibo, Borreliosis. Allergies and nutrition intolerances. Diet therapy for long living. Food Forum
  • Correct nutrition and menu composing rules, Reebok University

Sebastian Musiał

personal trainer

Holistic sport passionate – from swimming to soccer. Always goal-oriented, no matter how hard the challenge is. There is no “impossible” world in his dictionary.

Years of experience working as personal trainer – he specializes in working with Clients orientated on building their dream body and also on those, who want to return to their full body dexterity. Always promoting holistic and healthy progress.
Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he helps to fulfill his protegees dreams about improving their mobility, building muscle mass, shaping their bodies or improving body efficiency and dexterity.
Training for him is a holistic activity, that has to concentrate not only on exercises, but also on healthy nutrition, regeneration and planning achievable and measurable goals.

Active in his life from since childhood, he also experienced pros and cons of corporate life – therefore he can perfectly emphatize with people he trains with. His priority is always to create a complete healthy path – as well for the mind and the body. He relies on principle, that every activity is correlated with our well-being and overall body condition.

Passionate with mountain expeditions, always searching for insporations to train creatively and more effectively. He`s been a gym instructor for many years, cross training instructor, always hudge fan of functional training. His main principle is: “If you want something really bad, you can achieve everything”. There are no impossible things – there are only excuses, that you can always overcome.

He built his knowledge on many pro workshops, courses and conferences – here are some of those:

Training orientated:

  • Personal Trainer course
  • Functional Training Workshop. Body Work
  • Functional & body mind workshop, Fitness University
  • Reebok Stretching. Reebok University
  • Reebok Stretching, Reebok University
  • Reebok Cross Training, Reebok University
  • Reebok Cross Training. Methodical workshop. Reebok University
  • Reebok Final Cuts. Functional Training, Reebok University
  • Methodics in Functional Training, Reebok University
  • Reebok Kettlebell, Reebok University
  • Methodical workshop – Running, Reebok University
  • REP Reebok. Barbell methodical workshop, Reebok University
  • Reebok Functional Training Tour, Reebok University
  • Fitness Convention Eu4ya, Tiguar
  • Reebok fitness convention, Reebok University
  • Power dumbell course

Marta Adamiuk

personal trainer, psychodietetican

Personal trainer and psycho-dietetics specialist.

She was raised believing that being healthy is one of the life`s greatest values. In her family home she lived a typical “slow life” (even before it was trendy). She had a lot of passions, but sport and healthy nutrition was always a part of her life.

First, she became a fitness instructor. Experiencing in sport and regular trainings she was pushed to learn more about dietetics, nutrition and health-related aspects of eating – determining people`s well-being and physical condition. After testing on herself, she promotes connection between healthy body and overall well-being. Holistically oriented, always claims, that there is no short-cut option. She always says, that weight loss should be an effect of healthy life-style and not a goal by itself. This is the only way to reach long-term goals and maintain the effects.

Passionate of functional trainings and multi-joint exercises, aimed on mobility, agility and flexibility. When preparing training plans for her protegees, she uses elements of Pilates, TRX and body&mind techniques – also often enriched by interval trainings. She guarantees, that you`ll feel your core muscles event when training only with your own body weight.

Graduated SWPS University psychodietetics, Reebok University Poland disciple. At the moment, she studies Psychology on Warsaw University in Poland. Often a guest on courses and fitness conferences, built her experience during years of practicing and gaining knowledge from newest research.

On daily basis positive and open-minded. Very sensitive one, so her priority on trainings (apart of safety) is a good atmosphere and mutual respect. From all world wonders she is interested most in human – that`s the reason for her Psychology Studies. During her free time she loves to read (especially reportages and detective novels). She`s a huge avocado and red wine fan 😉

Workshops and trainings:

  • Post graduated Psychodietetics Studies, SWPS University Warsaw
  • Fitness Instructor course, Reebok University Poland
  • Diet theraphy – lvl. I, II, SanDiet
  • Probiotics and elimination diets – practical workshop. Vitaimmun
  • Autism – biomedically. Diagnostics, nutrition, supplementation. Vitaimmun;
  • Conference „Body resistance comes starts in stomach”. Instytut Medycyny Zapobiegawczej;
  • Conference „Hashimoto”, Instytut Medycyny Zapobiegawczej;
  • Insulin resistance – doctor and dietetitian perpective, Wszechnica Żywieniowa SGGW;
  • What is SIBO? How to diagnose, cure and avoid recurrence? Dietomedica;
  • Personal course of psychical nutrition disorder treatment. Centre for Research on Eating Disorders Oksfordzie University (in progress).

Joanna Kłosińska

personal trainer, masseuse

Graduate of Polish Sport Academy. Practicing in many training forms – from intense intervals or strength trainings to relaxing like Pilates or FitBall. She worked for years as fitness instructor, performed helath-oriented, choreography, interval and cross-training classes. She uses her experience during personal trainings with great success. PT are her favourite, because of possibility to focus on her Client and control every aspect of the training.

She graduated Warsaw Medical School with Masseur Technician degree. During massages, she focuses on eliminating primary problems. She likes to combine different massaging techniques to get the most effective option. She`s also a fan of relaxing, chilling massages with toned music, using chinese  massage bubble.

She loves to try different and various acitivities. She`s a nr. 1 fan of kettlebell trainings, she`s intrigued with Pole Dance. She also tried herself on climbing wall. For many years involved in pro cross-fit trainings.

Workshops and courses:

  • Pilates, Fitness University
  • Stretching, IFAA
  • FitBall, IFAA
  • Step Course, Polska Akademia Sportu
  • Interval Training workshop, Fitness University
  • Springboard course, Jump4Fit
  • Basic Kettlebell workshop, Warsaw Kettlebell Club
  • Functional Warm-up workshop, War – Sztat
  • Spine workshop, War – Sztat
  • Bottom Pelvis Muscles workshop, Dobre Ciało
  • Diet, Strenght and Crossfit Training workshop, KIF
  • Refunctional Step, Fitness University
  • Cervical Spine workshop, Projekt Masaż
  • Knees Therapy workshop, Projekt Masaż
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